ALLOA boss Peter Grant says he's gutted to see the team relegated to League One and says he'll sit down with the chairman to discuss his future.

The defeat to Raith Rovers on Saturday confirmed Alloa's fate after weeks without a win saw the gap between the bottom and safety grow bigger and bigger.

Grant said: "It's [a] massive disappointment. The remit when I came in here was to try and keep them in the division.

"I've got to look from a football point of view and we've not scored enough goals and we've conceded too many, cheap ones at that.

"But, on top of that, we've had some horrendous decisions, horrendous. I think anybody can see that, from the first game of the season against Morton, right to today.

"I was proud of the way they kept going and kept going, as I say I feel gutted for them because I know the effort they put in.

"I'm absolutely gutted for them and the supporters that are not here because the bottom line is we're here passing through, that's football, that's always the case but you're always representing the badge and I'm very disappointed to be the main part of the group that's taken them down."

Grant raged at the decisions that have gone against his side since the first day of the season, specifically mentioning the league opener against Morton.

He said: "We get a penalty kick in the first few minutes [denied], they've have one shot on target, they score from it. We gave them an absolute doing.

"You go 1-0 up, you win that game, it's the first game of the season, it gives you a wee bit of momentum, you win the next game and all of a sudden it can completely change.

"And it's the opposite if you don't win, there's a wee bit of nervousness. It's a load of rubbish to say it evens itself out, if it evened itself out we'd have had about 20 penalties."

Grant continued: "I go to Dunfermline, we scored a perfectly good goal.

"Then big Innes [Cameron] goes down and everybody in the stadium can hear it apart from the referee.

"Stevie Hetherington sneezes and he gets booked and there's a boy [on Saturday] that gives away five free-kicks and doesn't get checked. How does that work? It's impossible."

Reflecting on the season, Grant said: "We've not done enough in both boxes, I'm not going to try and hide from that. We've conceded too many goals from our own softness and we've not scored enough with the chances that we've had."

Asked about his future at the club, Grant said: "That'll be down to the chairman, obviously it's something you have to take stock with.

"My job was to come in and keep them in the Championship, I've not managed to do that. I've got to look at myself as I do every Saturday night, win, lose or draw, I've got to look at myself first and foremost before I look at anybody else.

"I'll sit with Mike [Mulraney] whether it's this week or wherever and we'll see what takes us forward from there."