STEVEN HETHERINGTON admits the odds are stacked against Alloa but insists the team will remain positive.

Friday night's devastating defeat away to Hearts left the Wasps eight points adrift.

With just three games left, Alloa need to win all three before even considering Morton and Arbroath's records.

On Friday night's 6-0 defeat, Hetherington said: "We started brightly, we created a couple of decent half-chances, ones where if they went in we'd have deserved them, they were worked pretty well. We played some neat stuff, and then the first goal was a touch of class from [Liam] Boyce if I'm honest.

"Then, even though it was only one goal, it knocked the stuffing out of us for a bit if I'm being honest.

"It's happened one too many times this season when we've looked threatening we haven't taken those opportunities."

Gaffer Peter Grant said there was a positive feeling at half-time that the game could still be won, and Hetherington reiterated that.

However, within minutes Hearts had put the game to bed.

"It was a positive chat at half-time, even though we were 2-0 down," Hetherington continued.

"As daft as it sounds, 2-0 is a weird scoreline. We always felt if we kept doing what we were doing and got that first goal [in the second half] we don't know how they'd react because they're coming off the back of a couple of unexpected results.

"It could have possibly put a bit of pressure on them but then seven or eight minutes into the second half, to be 4-0 down there's a damage limitation on it."

Morton and Abroath's results on Saturday left Alloa with a flicker of hope, and Hetherington says the team remain positive.

He said: "Results kind of went our way; they weren't perfect, but they haven't totally done us in.

"You're always in the fight as long as you've got a chance. We just need to look at ourselves first and foremost.

"We have to win the three remaining games regardless of what goes on elsewhere. Raith Rovers are a very, very good team, they've caused us problems in both games.

"It's going to be tough, the odds are against us, but as long as you've got that opportunity – that possibility – you need to have that positive mindset."

Despite the scoreline, Friday marked 200 appearances for Hetherington, and he marked it in trademark style.

He said: "I knew it was upcoming, the club told me. I'm very proud to make 200 appearances for Alloa. I've loved it at Alloa and like I say to get 200 appearances is something I'm very proud of."

On his ninth booking of the season, he added: "I think everybody knew that was coming.

"At the time I thought it wasn't that bad, I was asking the ref: 'Are you sure?'

"Seeing it back...yeah, he was right."