ALLOA boss Peter Grant says he’s disappointed his side didn’t take three points from Ayr United on Saturday, but reiterated his boys will continue to fight right until the end.

The Wasps went behind then regained their lead through Innes Cameron and Lucas Williamson, before a defensive disaster allowed Ayr back in the game.

Grant said: “Disappointed. I thought the boys were excellent. Hell of a lot of good things, 90 per cent of the game I thought we done tremendously well and thoroughly deserved to win the game against a very tough opponent.

“We played some really good stuff and they played with that freedom to express themselves which we keep saying to them that’s when they’re at their best. And I know it’s difficult to do that when you’re not winning games because people only believe when you’re winning that you’re playing well and that’s not necessarily the case.

“We knew it was going to be a tough game but, and I don’t want to make this an excuse, I think we’ve had two stonewall penalty kicks [denied].

“I know it’s a difficult job, linesman and referee, but I can see it from the half-way line, the linesman’s looking onto it when Kevin [Cawley] gets tugged and then I asked why is Alan [Trouten]’s not a penalty and [the referee] says he goes for the space. Well what’s he supposed to do? He’s an attacker, it’s a one v one situation, it’s a penalty kick, everyone can hear it’s a penalty kick.

“The ones that follow us about the games will know that’s not an excuse, that’s fact. You can go back to Dunfermline, Morton in the first game of the season, I could tell you them all and they’re at big, big moments.

“People say you always get the benefit somewhere along the line, well we’ve definitely not had that. two big calls were definitely wrong, there’s no doubt about that.”

Despite the penalty shouts, once again the goals Alloa conceded were from their own mistakes.

Grant continued: “We lost two bad goals, one from our set-play, making the wrong choice when they defend it and then the last one, Neilly’s saying he should have shouted or whatever but we know that happens in games, that seems to be the rub of the green we’re having at the moment, you don’t get big decisions at one end of the pitch and every wrong decision [at the other end] we seem to be getting punished.”

Alloa fought right until the end and Grant is in no doubt they’ll continue to do so until the very end.

He said: “These boys never give in and that’s great credit to them, the way they play is very difficult and trying to play that way when you’re bottom of the league is twice as hard. Great credit to these players they keep fighting and they keep going and that’s what we’ll do right until it’s impossible.”

Alloa travel to Arbroath this Saturday in what is a huge game for both teams but Grant says his team know what their job is.

“It’s a big, big game because it’s the next game,” he continued. “I think I’ve been consistent since the day I’ve taken over, I learn from today and now we’re preparing for the next game and that’s the way we have to be. That’s the way we’ll continue to be until it’s mathematically impossible.

“We know what we have to do, other teams maybe think they’re safe or whatever, we’ve got to keep putting pressure on.”