ALLOA boss Peter Grant said he was disappointed in his team's performance against Dundee on Friday night but praised his players for their commitment and effort.

Two goals from set-pieces and a counter attack were enough to secure the three points for the visitors and Grant says it just wasn't to be for his team on the night.

He said: "Disappointed because we didn't play well enough. I can accept defeats if we play well but the way we conceded the goals was really disappointing because we knew that was one of their strengths.

"I just didn't think we were in much control, I thought at times we didn't pass it well enough, we didn't work hard enough to get on the ball quickly and we allowed Dundee to frustrate us.

"We had a couple of half chances and if you take one of them it changes everything but to lose the [first] goal we did, and we had a warning prior to it, when he missed the target, so really disappointed with the goals we conceded.

"I'm disappointed with the performance more than anything, I can accept defeat because that's part of football but the way we lost the goals was really disappointing."

Grant continued: "These boys have been excellent and are excellent, [Friday] just wasn't to be for us, we just didn't play well enough and we've got to accept that."

With two huge games coming up at home to Ayr before a trip to Arbroath, Grant says the team will dust themselves down and prepare for the next challenge.

He continued: "That's the way you've got to be, whether you win the game or lose it, you've got to go and concentrate on the next performance.

"We didn't perform well enough and there's not many times I'll say that about them.

"When we've lost before there's still positives to take from the game, but I'm just disappointed because a big thing we spoke about was set-plays...and for us not to deal with it was really disappointing."

Grant continued: "I'll never ask these boys for any more effort, I can never-ever say it's down to commitment or effort because they give me everything they've got.

"[On Friday] they were a wee bit off the pace, it cost us dearly. On the evening, I've got to look back and say if you get done with set plays the way we did, you've got to accept the consequences and the consequence was the defeat, but never for their effort. They're giving everything they've got."