ALLOA ATHLETIC'S Wasp TV commentator is walking a marathon through the streets of Glasgow in aid of a homeless charity.

Kieren Mooney will walk 26 miles on Wednesday, March 3, with his friend Calum Marney to raise money for Glasgow City Mission.

A keen competitive runner, Kieran's family have been involved with the charity for a few years now and has known about them for quite a long time.

He cites the recent reports that showed an 11 per cent increase in the amount of people dying in Scotland registered as homeless in 2019.

Kieren said: "I've never done any fundraising for them but I saw these stats in the papers last week and I think charities like that maybe get pushed under the radar with everything that's going on in the world just now.

"I seen that they're still trying to operate but it's such a tough struggle because they can't physically get people in.

"We just thought it would be good to do something to give them a bit of awareness and finance as well."

Kieren suffered a heart attack shortly after his 18th birthday and is still being monitored for his condition.

He said: "I'm quite a keen competitive runner, just after I turned 18 I was out a run with a friend and had a heart attack. It put me out of running and life for the best part of a year.

"One of the things we got sorted was an implantable heart monitor which stills flags up data.

"It's still an ongoing thing but I don't let it stop me and I still look to push my body that little bit further."

Kieren continued: "It's the marathon that drew both of us, we're runners but we're middle distance.

"We always wanted to do a marathon but in our own way [and] we thought it would be quite significant to walk the streets of Glasgow.

"Do a marathon, tick off that significant landmark and do it in our own way."

They've already planned their route throughout Glasgow, travelling through the east and west ends, the city centre and the south side, and they'll "probably try and plan it around as many coffee shops as possible."

On top of raising money for charity, the marathon has given Kieren a target to strive towards and keep his mental health positive.

He said: "I think everyone's mental health has been so badly affected by this because life's just came to an almighty stand still.

"In my head I've always got to be striving towards something, I don't like dead time or dead space.

"I think setting these goals, I've had little goals and bigger goals like this, it gives me a date to strive towards, keep motivated and gives me a big plan."

Kieren and Calum set an initial target of £150 and smashed it within the first 12 hours.

He said: "It's great that so many people are backing it, it's been really encouraging to see."

Visit to donate to Kieren and Calum.