ALLOA manager Peter Grant didn't hold back after his side were beaten by Dunfermline, saying the decisions made by the officials were "disgusting".

Dunfermline won 2-1 thanks to goals from Craig Wighton either side of Kevin Cawley's equaliser; however, Grant was furious with a disallowed goal and a strong penalty shout that was not given.

He said: "I think you've got to be fair, if I got a point out of that I'd have been gutted."

When asked about the disallowed goal, Grant continued: "The goal. The penalty kick. Time wasting.

"Two balls sitting behind the goal, we keep saying to him [referee Steven Reid] and I get booked for it because I've said it from the start, and we get the usual four minutes [added time]. It's disgusting.

"I said to him [Reid] after the game, and he'll tell you, I don't care what anybody says. I went and said to him: 'Do you analyse your game afterwards? Could I see you report?' Because I keep asking [if] I can get reports after the game, because I get crucified for shouting things on the pitch."

Grant raged at the disallowed goal for a seemingly soft push by Cameron being followed by a clumsy tackle by Pars defender Mayo bringing Cameron down in the box.

He continued: "Look at our goal and then the big centre-half comes through and if he gives the goal then the centre-half comes through our centre-forward then okay, he's done it both times.

"But for the centre-half to come through our centre-forward straight after it, in the same way, and he played on. It's disgusting."

Grant praised his players for a strong performance; however, he could hardly contain his frustration at the decisions.

He said: "Dunfermline are a very good side with very good players. It's not just chances, the way they played, I thought they were excellent, created chances."

The gaffer added: "[We] had some horrible decisions not given to us. If you go back and see them again, mother of god, it's even worse.

"The performance, I was chuffed to bits with the boys, they dominated every part of the game, it's no use dominating the ball if you don't create chances and I thought we done that exceptionally well."