SCOTT TAGGART says Alloa's fate is still in their own hands and believes the side can take confidence from their performance at the weekend.

Although Dunfermline won 2-1, Alloa's performance was impressive and they could have won the match if some decisions had went their way.

Taggart told Advertiser Sport: "It is hard as players, the position we're in we need a bit of help sometimes, but just [on Saturday] every decision didn't seem to go our way.

"The amount of effort the boys put in...I thought we played really, really well.

"We can take confidence from that into this wee; there's 11 more games and I firmly believe if we play like that we're going to pick up points."

Asked what referee Steven Reid told the players when he disallowed Innes Cameron's header, Tagart said: "He said he [Cameron] was jumping on top of him but, I'm not being funny, how many times that happened in that game out there is remarkable."

Despite the result, Taggart is finally back in the team after an injury ruled him out for more than two months.

He said: "I think it was nine weeks I was out and then that's three weeks on the bounce I've been able to train and play three games and get through it.

"I'd like to say I felt alright on the Sundays afterwards, but I'd be lying.

"Big week for me with three games [Dunfermline, ICT and Raith Rovers]; hopefully, I recover properly and stay in the team now until the end of the season."

With the season entering its final stages, Taggart believes the season is far from over.

He said: "You go on a run and other teams about you don't pick up points but we've got to look after ourselves, we can't rely on any other team.

"At the moment it's still within our hands, we know we're capable of it, it's just about doing it consistently."