ALLOA boss Peter Grant insists his team would rather have played last weekend but they made the most of the break before Friday's game against Dundee.

With Hearts in Scottish Cup action on Saturday, Alloa had a free week and with such a congested season well underway, Grant wanted to utilise the time in the best way possible.

"We've had a couple of knocks, guys are getting through it and training really, really hard," Grant told Advertiser Sport.

"We came back training in August but our boys have been training since March, probably differently because they're part-time so they were doing a lot more running themselves.

"Also, the fact they were off their work and whatever, people were trying to get out and get themselves fit and get out the house during the pandemic so there's been a lot of training.

"Because we've had a lot of people coming back at different times and different levels of fitness, we've had a lot of wee knocks and aches and pains that come because it's football training again and football matches and that's completely different from all the running you can do and all the body training you can do.

"It's a condensed season, we have to be keeping them as fit as possible.

"We've had a couple of issues so [the break] has probably came at a time when I feel it's important to give the boys the morning off [on Saturday].

"I was contemplating coming in on Saturday but I just felt it was more important they get rested because our boys are working everyday anyway so I think the rest with their family is important.

"I'll still be taking in games so it doesn't really change for me, but it's nice to give the boys a little downtime in that respect.

"These boys have got stressful jobs away from football so it's important to have that time with their family. Don't get me wrong, like myself, the boys would rather there was a game at the weekend after the disappointing result in the last game."

By the time Dundee make their way to Alloa it will be almost two weeks since they were beaten 4-1 by Dunfermline and Grant knows it's time to stamp out the errors his team have been making.

He continued: "The boys have got an unbelievable ethic but you can't make silly mistakes. You know teams are going to score goals against you but you want them to be working really, really hard.

"We've conceded seven shots on goal (one against Morton, five against Dunfermline) and lost five goals which is quite incredible. If you look at the way we defended as a group it tells you we can't do that because if you do that no matter what level you're at you'll get punished.

"To put so much into the game [against Dunfermline] at 65 minutes I'm disappointed it's only 1-1. I'm thinking if we don't win this game I'll be really disappointed and then all of a sudden you lose 4-1."

Friday's game against Dundee will be Alloa's first televised match of the season but Grant maintains the team will treat it like any other fixture.

He said: "For us, I keep saying it to everybody, we've got the best job in the world. Since March, it's not been the same, but we're paid to go out on the pitch and entertain people. The big players turn up and perform, that's what performers do.

"We're going out there, whether it's under the lights or a Saturday afternoon doesn't concern us, it's an opportunity to show people we can play, we're not just Alloa fighting for our lives.

"We proved it last year with our performances; they were a lot better than the results were, but I don't want that same story again. I want the story to be our performances are getting us wins.

"We're looking forward to the game – we can't wait for it – that's what you train every week for."