ALLOA Athletic fans have netted the club a bumper cash boost to back the Wasps during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Kind-hearted supporters have coined in more than £1,500 to see the Clacks side through an uncertain time without any match day revenue.

Chairman Mike Mulraney has pledged Alloa will survive no matter how long football's shutdown lasts but the part-timers could still be set for an extended period playing behind closed doors, which will impact on their finances.

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The Wasps are in a stronger position than most to come through the other side of lockdown unscathed, but this hasn't stopped fans from digging deep to do their bit. 

A Crowdfunder, launched by long-term supporter Brian Roach, brought in £1,580 to boost the club's coffers with the money being "ringfenced" by Mulraney for a future project. 

It comes shortly after the Wasps asked fans to forgo a refund on season tickets for missed home games this season in lieu of a discount next, which has been widely backed by supporters. 

"We are delighted with it and some of the donations were really, really good," Brian told Advertiser Sport. "Obviously I have got a list of people who donated and you can see how great it was that people donated.

"They certainly are willing to support the team and some of the feedback I have seen has been about potential season ticket sales is that people are willing to put their hand in their pocket without asking any questions.

Strathallan Times: Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney Alloa chairman Mike Mulraney

"No one is really asking what we are paying for. They are just seeing that it could get to a stage where if we don't play this year, things could be very different for the club.

"I have never heard anybody ask what are we paying for - whether it is live streaming or something like that. There's been no negativity at all."

Brian continued: "People disagree from time-to-time but I don't think anyone can deny these guys and their commitment to the club. You can never doubt that.

"We haven't decided what the money will be used for but Mike has been clear it will be something the supporters can actually see." 

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In a statement, Alloa Athletic vice chairman Martin Ross asked for fans to consider leaving their season ticket money with the club. 

Ross said: "Unfortunately with Season 2019/20 ending early, season ticket holders were entitled to the last four home games, which you have already paid for. 

"As a club we are obliged to repay you the unused amount but as an alternative would you be willing to leave the money with the club and receive a credit against next season ticket, whenever the season actually starts?

"This would certainly help the club's finances in the immediate short term." 

Email for more information.