MIKE Mulraney has once again reiterated the importance of ensuring all 42 SPFL clubs come through the other end of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

A number of teams across the country have admitted they face a testing time during the game's lockdown without weekly match day revenue to rely on.

The Wasps are in a better position than many to deal with the crisis and are being supported by an ongoing fundraiser by Clacks fans, which has so far coined in thousands to back the club. 

Mulraney's insistence came during an interview with Sportsound on BBC Radio Scotland where he also admitted aspects of the vote to end the season had been badly dealt with by the SPFL board, which includes Alloa club secretary Ewen Cameron. 

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“The SPFL themselves have said they wished they had handled one or two things differently,” the Alloa chairman said. “Everyone does after something like that. The overwhelming majority of members voted in a fashion that got an answer.

“To be honest, from my point of view, whether they called it then or called it two weeks later, inevitably it was going to be called. That was an almost inevitable happening. Nobody is going to go through this period of time without looking back and going ‘I wish I’d done something differently’. And that’s everybody.

“I don’t think anybody on either side of this current argument is trying to do a bad thing, they are doing it because they are frustrated or they are pressured in to trying to make the correct decision. And all decisions have two sides. You will always have people who will have different views on every decision in football.

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“Have any catastrophic mistakes been made? Not to my knowledge. We will see what unfolds in the next week.

“In the context of the tragedy facing our country and football. It is a tsunami coming our way. In that context, it is a bit white noise. I am more concerned with making sure there is 42 senior football clubs when we come through.”