The Welsh Government has not tried to set a “ceiling” on any pay rise for NHS staff, health minister Vaughan Gething has said.

Mr Gething told a press conference in Cardiff that he understood why staff were “hurt and upset” at the 1% pay rise proposed by the UK Government.

He said ministers in Wales were waiting to see the outcome of the NHS Pay Review Body, which advises on the pay of NHS staff.

The Welsh Government has provided evidence to the body, which will be made public, Mr Gething said.

“We certainly have not done what the UK Government has done and tried to set an artificial ceiling on the pay rise that should be provided,” he told reporters.

“We think that our staff do deserve a pay rise.”

Mr Gething said the Welsh Government wanted to ensure that the UK Government was in a position to “properly fund” such a pay rise.

“I understand why so many staff across our NHS will be feeling hurt and upset and a little angry at the evidence that the Department for Health and Social Care at the UK level have provided,” he added.

“As I say, when our evidence is published, you’ll see we have not taken that approach.”

The BMA Cymru Wales confirmed that it had met with Mr Gething to discuss the issue on Friday.

“We met with the Welsh health minister this morning and could not have been clearer that the UK Government’s recommendation of a 1% pay rise for doctors was nothing short of an insult to a profession which has gone above and beyond during the pandemic,” Dr David Bailey, chair of the Welsh council, said.

“The health minister has publicly recognised that doctors deserve a pay rise, and we implore him to ensure that it is fair, given that doctors have given their all during the last year – their sacrifices deserve to be recognised.”