Dunning Primary School's netball club took on the TCSoA S1 all-girls team.

With little more than four weeks' experience, the Dunning youngsters took their first play on a full-sized court in their stride securing several goals in the process - not an easy task for the goal shooter and goal attack since their only practice has been at the 8ft primary posts rather than the 10ft secondary.

Whilst this friendly match did not see Dunning Primary victorious, it was fair to say that the kids gave them a 'run for their money'.

Dunning Primary were sporting their new match play tabbards, which were printed with funds raised at the last DPS school fayre.

Ang Armstrong and Mandy Cook, the after-school club coaches, would like to thank the Auchterarder S1 team for their hospitality and promise to be back later in the season.