The annual Morrison’s Academy Healthy Lifestyle Week took place with many activities across the whole school.

In the Secondary School, S6 pupil and Scotland & GB competitor Eddie McDiarmid engaged pupils in assembly about his passion - canoe slalom. He also spoke to pupils later on in the week about the principles of the Growth Mind Set and how to use them in all aspects of life to improve your performance.

Former pupil Jamie Coffey, previously a physiotherapist with Glasgow Warriors and now working with Edinburgh Rugby, followed this up with S4 - S6 pupils. He provided great insight into the variety of opportunities his career has given him thus far including trips to New Zealand with the Scotland U20 rugby squad and his role in the team that helped Glasgow Warriors become Pro 12 Champions.

He also discussed sports injuries, including concussion, and gave advice on injury prevention through effective warm up and recovery. Jamie also provided food for thought for senior pupils about to embark on applying for university, when he stressed the importance of finding a career which will inspire and interest them.

One morning there was a whole-school fitness session on Academy Park, led by Miss McCormick; this proved to be a great start to a beautiful sunny day. Throughout the week, Kirsten Brock of KG Dance led dance sessions with S2 girls, S4-6 girls and Primary 1-4.

In a return visit from the Junk Food Road Show, Transitional, S1 and S2 each spent an hour hearing about the impact different dietary choices have on their bodies and their long term health. The emphasis was on the importance of making your own food rather than relying on ready-made and processed foods. Ross, the presenter, demonstrated how easy it was to create very tasty fast food and pupils then made a healthy pizza which they all got to taste.

Ross also made a beef burger following the list of ingredients on the pack of a poorer quality burger. The pupils were horrified by some of the contents, for example the cow’s heart and also the large amount of sugar and saturated fats. All the pupils seemed to thoroughly enjoy the sessions and it proved a fun way to reinforce these important messages.

During Civics, S3 and S4 pupils watched a fiercely-competitive interhouse debate on the motion, 'This house would tax all sugary food and drinks'. Both sides put forward strong arguments. The Grahams and the Drummonds argued in favour of a tax which they felt could instigate societal change, whilst the Murrays and Campbells opposed the motion, arguing that such a tax would impact most on the poorest in society and effect little change. The judges awarded the Interhouse Debating Cup to the Murrays, with the Grahams runners-up.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the school, Nursery and P1 pupils went to the Community Orchard at Cultybraggan in Comrie. Members of the Orchard Group explained to the children the types of trees present and the fact that a lot of the Nursery children were the same age as the trees! The pupils saw lots of shiny red and green apples, plums in many colours, tiny crab apples and blueberries. They also visited the family allotment of Tess in P1, where she helps grow lots of different vegetables.

Mr Macgregor has eight hens at the orchard and they came to see the children at the fence. The pupils saw lots of rabbit holes because the rabbits love blueberries and apples too and are always trying to dig past the fences to eat the fruit. After the tour, the Nursery and P1 pupils sat at the picnic benches and tasted some apples and plums. They were also given some apples for juicing and baking back at school. It was a gloriously sunny day, much enjoyed by all who took part. Many thanks to the Orchard Group hosts.

Later on in the week, Nursery pupils made themselves a healthy lunch. They went off to a field to pick peas for their cooking activities over the coming months – they are now podded and frozen. They had a health food treasure hunt, an obstacle course in the garden and went for a morning walk up to the Hydro woods where they cooked their snack.

The Primary School were also very busy during Healthy Lifestyle Week. Each day started with a fitness session and on Wednesday they all wore red to support the British Heart Foundation. The Primary pupils formed a heart shape on the tennis court, then P1 and P2 made fruit kebabs and the Nursery made milkshakes. These were given to all the primary children at break time and over £200 was raised in donations for the BHF.

At break and lunch time, Secondary School pupils lead skipping and other playground games with Primary pupils. P4 and P5 pupils climbed to the top of the Knock and P1- P3 enjoyed a walk through Macrosty Park and followed the riverside walk along to the Sports Pavillion at Dallerie. The children then enjoyed their Games lesson with the specialist PE staff in the stunning grounds of Dallerie. All classes ’moved a mile’ at some point every day. The Healthy Tuck Shop restarted and will continue every week for the rest of the session.

Many Primary pupils also visited Refectory during the week and experienced the pleasure of preparing and tasting scrumptious food. P1 prepared an apple and bramble crumble, P2 hearty vegetable soup and P4 made wholesome packed lunches for themselves.

The week ended in Primary with the children leading assembly where they shared all the things they had been learning during the week. P1- 3 started off with a song all about keeping your heart healthy. They showed paintings of people who help us stay healthy, a documentary about the importance of drinking enough water, more about diet and exercise, dealing with our emotions and the importance of looking out for each other to ensure the mental wellbeing of everyone in our community.

Everyone agreed they had enjoyed a great week and had learnt lots about the importance of looking after their health.