A FOX cub that was stuck inside a car engine is now being looked after in the Wee County.

The Scottish SPCA was called out to rescue the animal after someone found it trapped in the front of a car in Dunfermline last month.

Animal rescue officers were able to lure the cub into a cat trap and safely contain it, and it has since been taken to the charity's National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross.

Kelly McGuire, an animal rescue officer, said: "The fox was very lucky that this happened at a time when the public are travelling less as the car had been parked for three days.

"The member of the public who found the youngster could see its head moving when they opened the bonnet.

"Given that it may have been in there for the full three days the car was stationary, I knew the cub would likely be hungry.

"The promise of a square meal was all it took to lure the young fox out and safely contain it.

"The cub was transported to our National Wildlife Centre where it will receive the care it needs before being released back into the wild once old enough."