COMEDY star Karen Dunbar is set to start rehearsals for Perth Theatre’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest.

She will be getting into Oscar Wilde’s comedy icon Lady Bracknell and the familiar face from Chewin’ the Fat revealed how she is planning to make the role her own, drawing on her famous TV appearances.

Karen said: “A Scottish Lady Bracknell feels like a head start in terms of comedy but also in the playing of the class system.

“The political upheavals and class schisms in the play can give real insight into what is wrong but also how to move forward.

“Because it’s done with Wilde’s brilliant humour and depth it makes it not only hugely entertaining but also thought-provoking and a good talking point.

“It’s got something for us all: huge laughs, smart dialogue, big costumes and an even bigger heart.

“There’ll always be a bit of my TV characters in anything I do because those characters are all different parts of me but Lady Bracknell is such a unique persona I think she’ll stand out from the old crowd.

“Of course, Lady B is a big snob but I think she’s quite warm at heart and also has some deep insecurity.

“This vulnerability along with her wit gives a wee crack into liking her and maybe even identifying with her.

“So far, I’m pitching my Lady Bracknell somewhere between Mary Berry and Ena Sharples.

“We’ll see what comes oot!”

The Importance of Being Earnest will run at Perth Theatre between March 5 and 21.