A RICH piece of British history has found a new home in Dunning.

The Kirkstyle Inn has inherited the Amundsen sledge and staff are displaying the artefact for all customers to see.

The item dates all the way back to 1911 when British explorer Robert Falcon and Norwegian explorer Ronald Amundsen went head to head in a race to be the first to ever reach the South Pole.

The sledge thought to be used by Amundsen during this historic venture is now respectfully displayed in The Kirkstyle Inn.

The sledge was inherited by the son of one of the Norwegian support crew which was handed down and finally came to light in Perthshire.

An ex-member of a part of her majesty’s armed forces offered it to a good home and Jamie Harrison, the owner of The Kirkstyle Inn, decided to purchase the artefact to be displayed within the Inn for the all the public to see.

The sledge is in its completely original condition and has already drawn attention from ex-military that recognized the authenticity straight away.

Jamie said: “We wanted to honour the great men of the last 200 years that went above and beyond the call to set the standard in greatness.

"We are incredibly lucky to have such a piece and want people to come and see the story and the sledge and just what Amundsen and Scot went through.”