POPPYSCOTLAND is on the lookout for veterans from every conflict since 1939 to take part in project that captures their stories in a series of interviews.

Veterans’ Voices will seek out veterans from across Scotland in a bid to compile a definitive dossier of interviews covering all conflicts over the past 80 years.

Gordon Michie, Poppyscotland’s head of fundraising, said: “Veterans’ Voices will be a unique resource of high-quality film archive of interviews with veterans living in Scotland of military conflict from 1939 to the present day.

“It’s important these stories are captured now before they can no longer be shared, ensuring greater understanding for future generations."

The veterans will be asked the same questions, giving a unique insight into their experiences and views at different times in history.

Poppyscotland will also conduct group interviews to allow intergenerational interaction.

If you are a veteran and want to tell your story, contact Hannah Uttley on 0783 3750 937, or: veteransvoices@poppyscotland.org.uk.

While all veterans are encouraged to get in touch, it is particularly important that interviews include a social and gender mix.