THE Macrobert Arts Centre’s annual panto is back in town and what a glittering, all-singing, all-dancing, laugher-inducing extravaganza it is.

Written by Johnny McKnight, this year’s show, Sleepin' Cutie, is a play on the beloved story of Sleeping Beauty.

So, with the promise of menacing magic, daringly dressed dames and vile villains, we all settled down to be well entertained.

This time, we visit Stirling Stella as our kind-hearted heroine Bonnie (Kara Swinney) turns 21.

Before her party, she asks our gorgeous Dame Fairy B (Keith Mcleish) to reminisce and tell the mysterious tale of her childhood.

However, Bonnie’s story is not destined to end happily ever after. No, with plenty of chaos thrown into the mix, we were treated to a magical pregnancy contract, an abandoned baby and finally, an evil spell is cast by the bitter Queen McMeanie (Helen McAlpine), meaning Bonnie will prick her dainty finger and face her doom.

Oh no she won’t! Well actually, yes, she will, unless our panto-sphere residents can shake their glittery behinds into action and rescue our leading lady. So, with time running out, it’s up to Fairy B, the faithful Jester (Robert Jack) and Prince Charming (Katie Barnett) to think big, act fast and be brave and true to save the day.

As always, the writing was classic, the directing slick and the veteran cast raised the roof with their energy, antics and hilarious improvisations.

Yes, there was a fun and festive array of wacky costumes, catchy contemporary tunes, infectious dance numbers and the spirit of Christmas cheer at the panto this year.

Sleepin' Cutie will run until December 31 at the Macrobert Arts Centre.

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