AMAZING pictures have shown courageous disabled children doing stunts while riding a horse.

The three young girls, Merryn Binnie, Skye Davidson, both nine, and Keira Macgrain who is 10, have all been training at the RDA Equi-Power Central Scotland Centre.

The daredevil trio were captured doing handstands, cartwheels and even backflips in what is commonly described as vaulting as they performed on the back of a very patient 12-year-old called Laddie.

The children were taking part in equestrian classes provided by social enterprise Equi-Power Central Scotland RDA.

The charity, which was set up in 2015, provided sessions to 50 participants last year.

Equi-Power was established after the Riding for the Disabled Centre in Bannockburn, Stirlingshire, was bought out by developers in 2014.

As a result, hundreds of additional needs riders were left without facilities.

Now, Equi-Power, who are based in Plean, Stirlingshire, are fundraising for a permanent new home.

As they performed the dangerous moves, Skye and Merryn, who both have dwarfism, said the vaulting can be “pretty hard”.

Julie-Anne Griffith, project manager at the charity, said the classes provide vital physiotherapy benefits for the children, who are fearless on the back of the horses.

She said: “There are real therapeutic and learning benefits for the children who take part in the classes. These are children who may not normally be confident but become so around the horses as they automatically connect with them.

“They know they have to listen, pay attention and work as a team because the horses are so much bigger than them.”

The charity recently bought Laddie, who Julie-Anne says has “taken to the vaulting like a duck to water”.

The group have been working with Stirling Council to get a permanent home for the centre and hope to raise £30,000.

Julie-Anne said the new site would enable them to adapt riding arenas and stables to cater for more people.