THE Ochil Mountain Rescue Team (OMRT) were called out to two incidents over the weekend as the poor weather caused confusion in the hills.

On Friday afternoon the team responded to an emergency call from two hillwalkers who had got themselves into trouble on the Alva Glen.

A team of six responders quickly began searching for the pair, locating them unharmed shortly thereafter.

Kevin Mitchell, vice chair of Scottish Mountain Rescue, told the Advertiser: “We got a call to assist two hillwalkers who got into trouble at Alva Glen.

"Thankfully they were not difficult to find as they pretty much knew where they were.

“Due to the inclement weather they had become a bit nervous about coming down some of the hills. They were completely uninjured and thankful to the team.

“In total there were six guys involved in the rescue which, all in, lasted around three hours.”

Meanwhile on Saturday morning, the team were asked to assist in finding missing person by local police services.

Kevin added that 15 members of the OMRT helped police who found the person safe and well.