THE Crieff and District Flower Club met in the Crieff Hydro Hotel on Tuesday October 17.

President Mrs Moyra Turnbull opened the meeting welcoming members and guests. She outlined the forth coming events before welcoming demonstrator Mrs Patti Dawson who had journeyed from her home in the Lake District.

This was her first visit to Crieff. Her title for the demonstration was”Variations on a Theme”. All her stands were made of wood.

The first was a wooden slatted box which was dressed with a variety of foliage –ivy, cupressus, heuchera, and a golden edged shrub, To this base she added white antirrhinums, veronica, yellow roses, mini gerberas also yellow and finally a new clematis called “Amazing Rome”.

The next stand was a wooden pedicle made from a newal post with added fixtures to support the oasis placement.

The foliage base was prepared by adding phormium, cotoneaster with its masses of berries, bergenia leaves and lastly a feathery green foliage.

The display was completed with the addition of red carnations, scarlet gerberas, red roses and finally cobaea scandens.

The third arrangement was in autumnal colours and set in a tall driftwood stand. The foliage base consisted of fermium, bergenia, cotoneaster and leucospermum.

Peach roses, mini pepers (orange and red), bronze chrysanthemums and hydrangea were added to complete the arrangement.

The fourth design was in a silver circular basket into which senecio was placed to form the base then lilac anthuriums and light and dark Columbian roses were added to complete.

The last arrangement was formed in a lacquer ring fixed to a tall circular trellis stand. The foliage used was phormium, garrya elliptica, with white carnations, lisianthus, and avalanche roses added to complete.

Patti had assembled small mirror image arrangements for each of the five displays.

Mrs Nancy Coltart gave the vote of thanks and the raffle drawn.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, November 21, in the Crieff Hydro Hotel. All welcome.