A drug dealer - who was once handed a 100-year prison term in Thailand - has been jailed after he was caught dealing heroin in Scotland.

Brent Stirling returned to the UK after being pardoned by the King of Thailand in 2001, but has since been caught with heroin twice.

The 45-year-old admitted dealing the Class A drug after he was nabbed by police carrying out speed checks on traffic in Perth’s Dundee Road in September 2014.

He was banged up for 27 months.

Stirling was jailed for life in Thailand after he was caught drug trafficking in 1994.

He spent seven years in a prison known as the Gates of Hell before he was eventually released and repatriated by the then Scottish Justice Minister Jim Wallace.

Having already been caught in possession of drugs in 2008, Stirling was caught out again during the police speed check last year.

Officers noticed he was sweating profusely, slurring his speech and seemed agitated. They found £1400 cash in his car, along with evidence he had been smoking heroin there.

On Tuesday (21 April) Perth Sheriff Court heard Stirling dropped one bag of heroin as he tried to flee, and three more were found in the police van as he was taken to the city’s police headquarters. Further heroin was found in his home at Kinfauns, with the total street value of the drugs adding up to £2250.

Jailing him, Sheriff William Wood said: “Any sort of involvement in the supply of Class A drugs is particularly serious. It has local, regional and national implications.”