A childcare worker has been struck off after she dumped a child in a bath of water - fully clothed - and carried him over her shoulder in a “fireman’s lift.” Shona Richardson, who was employed as a sessional worker at Semab Primary School, in Rumbling Bridge near Kinross, is said to have mistreated the child, a nine-year-old boy, in three different acts on 18 January 2014, after his behaviour became “challenging”.

Semab is a small residential school that is said to house some of the country’s most vulnerable children with complex needs.

Richardson, who has a HNC qualification in Childcare and Education and an SVQ3 in Health and Social Care (Children and Young People), was found by the Scottish Social Services Council’s conduct sub-committe to have lifted the boy over her shoulder - in a “fireman’s lift” - and carried him from his bedroom to the bathroom.

She was then found to have held the child - who is regarded by the social care watchdogs as a “very vulnerable” service user with “complex needs” - by his legs, while another employee held his arms, over a bath containing water and lowered the him into it fully clothed.

At the time the incident took place, evening bath and bedtime routines were being undertaken for three other children in the residential bungalow, and the nine-year-old boy’s behaviour became challenging, “despite the intervention of various members of staff”, according to a report to the sub-comittee.

Richardson managed to calm the child down sufficiently before carrying him in a “fireman’s lift” from his bedroom to the bathroom next door, while tickling him causing him to kick.

The panel found that another member of staff filled a bath and Richardson did not ask or test the water to see what temperature it was.

She then held the child by the legs while her colleague held his hands and together they held him over the bath of water.

The report says that without discussing beforehand with her colleague, Richardson lowered the child into the bath while he was wearing a T-shirt, jeans and slippers.

The panel found that on returning to his room he was “dazed, confused and flapping”, and was settled down by another member of staff who “wrapped him in a towel, sat him on her knee, and rocked him like a baby”.

He then asked: “Why have they done this to me? They are bullies.” The incident was reported on the evening of 18 January 2014 and the child was immediately removed from the premises.

After being suspended from her position on the same day and dismissed on 8 February 2014, Richardson has now been removed from the Scottish Social Services council register as the panel deemed removal “the only appropriate sanction.” The panel said: “The sub-committee considered that a Removal Order is the only appropriate sanction which will safeguard the interests of the public and the reputation of the social services profession.

“The behaviour of the Registrant was very serious.

“It occurred at the Registrant’s place of work.

“It involved a vulnerable service user.

“The Registrant has shown insufficient insight and regret.” The child involved has since returned to Semab.