A pervert prison warder who amassed a collection of 100 pictures of a 10-year-old girl naked in the bath or stripped off in the shower was jailed today (Wednesday 18 March).

Darren McGarey (26) spent a year snapping the primary-age youngster with his mobile phone when she went into the bathroom, until he was exposed by her 14-year-old brother.

The schoolboy told his gran that “something was going on”, and “they should watch” McGarey.

Stirling Sheriff Court was told that the grandmother then spoke to the girl, who for legal reasons cannot be identified.

The girl’s mother phoned McGarey and gave him an hour to leave the house, six miles outside Stirling where, it turned out, he had been photographing the girl naked over a period of a year.

The family called police and McGarey was stopped hours later, driving north on the A9 near Inverness.

Officers seized his mobile phone and found he had deleted 120 pictures of the girl.

However, the “thumbnail” copies were still on the device. A total of 100 of them were erotic, and showed her fully naked, either standing showering or lying in the bath.

They were categorised by experts at level one, the least serious, on the scale used to assess pornographic images of children.

The girl was interviewed by police and social workers, and disclosed that McGarey would “come in and just watch her” in the shower while he was on his mobile phone.

McGarey, who was immediately suspended by the Scottish Prison Service and later quit, turned out to also have another 26 images of other girls naked in the shower.

The court was told that it had not been possible to identify who these girls were, but their ages were estimated at nine to 11 years.

A further 74 pornographic images of children were stored as thumbnails on his phone. Of these, 14 were assessed as “level three” child porn, showing sexual activity between adults and children.

In total, there were 200 pornographic images of young girls on the prison officer’s phone.

McGarey, of Hebridean Gardens, Crieff, pleaded guilty to a charge of recording the girl doing a private act, with the intention of enabling himself or others to look at the resulting images, repeatedly entering the bathroom, pulling back the shower curtain, and photographing her with his mobile while she was showering, having a bath, or drying herself with a towel.

The offence was committed at the address between 24 May 2013 and 23 May 2014.

The court heard that McGarey, a first offender, had been assessed by social workers as at moderate risk of committing a further offence of a similar nature.

Virgil Crawford, defending, said McGarey accepted that a custodial sentence was an option.

Mr Crawford added: “He lost his employment as a result of this, but he can’t have any complaint about that, given the nature of his job.” The girl’s family shouted “yes” from the public benches when Sheriff Wyllie Robertson told McGarey that because the offences involved breach of trust, no sentence other than custody was appropriate, despite his lack of record.

He imposed an extended sentence of four years four months - 10 months’ imprisonment plus a further three and a half years during which he can be recalled to prison if he re-offends. During the three and a half years, Scottish ministers will be able to direct him to receive treatment for deviant sexual urges.

Sheriff Robertson ordered by McGarey’s name should be held on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.

McGarey showed no emotion as he was led to the cells.

Outside court, a member of the girl’s family told a reporter: “He deserved the jail, but nothing is long enough for what he did.”