A company boss was exposed as a football song bigot today (Wednesday 11 March).

Rory Carmichael (51) is a director of his own aviation engineering company in Perthshire, Vanguard Engineering Solutions.

However, on his way back from Rangers’ one-all draw with Alloa Athletic in the Scottish Championship on 20 September 2014 he chanted offensive lyrics on a crowded train.

Two middle-aged women left the carriage in alarm as Carmichael, who had been drinking, and a “boisterous” bunch of Rangers supporters joined the train at the Alloa terminus.

Stirling Sheriff Court was told that the fans began singing “Hello, hello, we’re the Billy Boys”.

The conductress told them to shut up, and the rest of the fans piped down.

However, veteran British Transport policeman, constable Craig Buchanan (56), said he heard bald-headed Carmichael, wearing a blue jersey, carry on with the song’s most offensive line: “We’re up to our knees in Fenian blood, surrender or you’ll die.” PC Buchanan and a colleague radioed ahead and Carmichael was arrested as he tried to change trains at Stirling for Perth.

Carmichael, of Airlie View, Alyth, pleaded not guilty to singing a football song containing offensive words, contrary to the Scottish parliament’s anti-sectarianism laws.

In evidence, he described himself as “sole director of my own engineering company that specialises in aircraft structures”.

He insisted that the only songs he had sung on the train were Rule Brittannia and God Save The Queen.

Three defence witnesses also said the Billy Boys song was never sung.

Depute fiscal Lindsey Brooks submitted that the men were not telling the truth, in order to save Carmichael from a matches ban.

She said: “It is simple incredible that the officers should make that up.” Sheriff Gillian Wade said she had no reason to disbelieve the police, and found Carmichael guilty.

She fined him £750 and imposed a football banning order to run until the end of the season.

She said: “This was not acceptable behaviour.” Outside court, Carmichael told a reporter: “Stick it up your ar*e.”