Morrison’s Academy pupils participated in a series of events as part of the Strathearn Festival of Science, which culminated on Saturday (28 February) with a fun day of activities open to all at the Community Campus.

Nursery and P1 pupils spent a day exploring the different senses at Dunblane Cathedral. They looked at how to judge distance, learnt about candles and investigated the depth of an old well.

Further up the Primary School, P5 pupils investigated ‘Scotland’s Time Lords’ and learnt all about the dinosaurs and mammoths that used to roam our country. Pupils in P4-P6 spent a hands-on lesson learning about the properties of different materials.

Later on in the week, P1-P3 looked at shapes, whilst P6 and P7 went down to the Strathearn Community Campus to learn about the Science of the Circus.

Meanwhile, in the senior school pupils in S5 and S6 had the chance to build molecule models. During their Civics lesson on Wednesday, all S4 pupils took part in a ‘Think Science’ lecture, which included highly entertaining demonstrations of why helium gas makes your voice go squeaky, how it is possible to lie on a bed of nails, and the use of Archimedes’ principle of displacement to “weigh” the presenter’s head (4kg).

A team from Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh introduced S2 pupils to ‘Tectonic Time Lords’, and pupils in S2 took part in some fun and interactive lessons learning about the history of our planet and the role Scots played in developing the science of Geology.  On Thursday, Dr Howe from Glasgow University led a further Science Festival session for S3 pupils entitled ‘Zombie Science, Brain of the Dead’. It looked at the functions of the brain in an entertaining and fun way by relating brain physiology to that of zombies (including how to interact with them and also how to find a cure to enable them to become fully functioning members of society).

The session included entertaining hands-on experiments with lots of laughter, while still demonstrating the serious physiological study of the brain. An entertaining and enjoyable afternoon ended with the opportunity for S3 to quiz Dr Howe on zombies.

The Science week gave all pupils in the school a chance to interact with science-based ideas outside the classroom in a fun and informative way.

Mr John Beedie, head of science at Morrison’s Academy, said: “We were delighted that the great majority of our pupils had the opportunity to participate in at least one of the activities taking place throughout the week. We would like to thank all of the presenters for helping give the pupils such a range of interesting and entertaining experiences. Particular thanks must go to Mr Steuart Cuthbert, the festival organiser.”