Kilgraston’s early years classes learn about fire safety: Children in the nursery and early years classes at Kilgraston school, Bridge of Earn, spent a morning learning all about fire safety with Smudger, aka firefighter Paul Smith, from Perth Fire Station.

This term, the Nursery are busy learning about people who help them, so were excited to discover the role that the fire brigade play in keeping everyone safe in all kinds of different situations. The Reception classes are studying different types of clothing this term, so were keen to hear about the protective items used to keep safe. First of all, though, was a reminder about the number to call to reach the fire brigade (the shouts of 999 nearly raised the roof), and a discussion about the important information you would need to tell the operator in an emergency.

After that, Smudger donned his protective uniform, and the kids all followed suit in child-sized versions of his protective trousers, jacket and helmet. A few teachers were challenged to get in and out of the uniform as quickly as possible, although they were nowhere near as fast as the firefighters who respond to emergency calls.