Hats off to creativity at Kilgraston!

Children at Bridge of Earn’s Kilgraston school have been inspired to discover the art of millinery after spending a morning working with a local craftsperson.

Pupils in the early years classes at Kilgraston were treated to a visit from milliner Sally Orr Ewing, who crafts hats and headpieces for her Perthshire-based business Baiglie Bonnets.

Girls aged five to seven learnt about the history of millinery and the process of hat-making, handling vintage hat blocks and exploring hats at various stages of construction.

Pupils learnt about hats from around the world, as well as discovering the traditions of hat-wearing in the military and uniformed services. They were introduced to styles as diverse as the pakul from Afganistan, the Black Watch beret, and the Panama hat, and also looked at the importance of safety hats and helmets.

Sally Orr Ewing established Baiglie Bonnets (www.baigliebonnets.com) in 2015 having trained via an apprenticeship, and now operates from her 18th Century converted steading in Perthshire. Her beautiful handiwork and designs arises from a passion for her craft, and she is keen to share her passion for millinery with future generations.