A man has been jailed for more than two years after he tried to stab police officers with a large bread knife.

Officers attending a domestic abuse incident had to tackle Steven Welsh (41) with CS spray when he launched the attack.

The incident happened at Welsh’s home in Tweedsmuir Road, Perth, on 11 July 2014.

He admitted attacking PCs Craig Gardner and Aly Khan by running at them and trying to strike them with a knife.

On Monday (2 February) at Perth Sheriff Court the father-of-two also admitted attacking his then partner by pushing her and causing her to fall, causing her an injury.

After noting that Welsh had a 24-year criminal career and a recent history of violence and knife crime, Sheriff Lindsay Foulis jailed him for a total of 26 months.

Fiscal depute Sue Ruta told the court that when police arrived at the house the front door was locked and Welsh was seen lying on the living room floor not moving. He ignored a sergeant’s attempts to speak to him and then became aggressive.

As officers opened the back door they saw Welsh had a large knife.

Ms Ruta said: “The accused then brandished the knife above his head at the constables. He came running into the communal garden towards the officers.

“He was holding the knife above his head and making a downward stabbing motion with it. He was attempting to strike the officers with the knife.” She said one officer discharged CS spray into the accused’s face. He then ran back into the house and locked the door.

She told the court Welsh then placed the knife on a window sill and clutched his face before falling to the floor as the effects of the CS spray took hold.

Police officers were then able to get in through a window and arrest him.

The court was told his former girlfriend had found Welsh asleep on the sofa and when she woke him up, he chased her out of his home and pushed her to the ground.

Welsh blamed her for provoking him by showing him track marks on her arm and revealing that she had returned to abusing heroin. He said she had also been too drunk to get into the pub with him.