A Perth man has been banged up for 14 months after being found guilty of selling heroin in Stirling.

Stuart Laing (38), of Kinnoull Street, appeared from custody for sentencing at Alloa Sheriff Court on Thursday (20 November).

He was charged with being concerned in the supply of diamorphine between 3 July 2013 and 7 March 2014 at Stirling Train Station and ‘elsewhere’.

The court heard that Laing has been a long-term heroin user for the past 11 years and had a previous summary-level conviction for supplying the Class A drug on his record.

Mr Buchanan, defending, stated that Laing had been trying to steer himself clear of substance abuse before his previous actions caught up with him.

He said: “He has been forthright in his involvement in this matter from an early stage and been honest enough to admit that.

“He has no previous custodial disposals and no previous convictions at the solemn [trial and jury] level.

“He has made some significant progress while on a methadone programme, but relapsed in January 2014 after those who he had been buying heroin from had called in a previous debt of his.

“It was the stress of that event which triggered his relapse and the led to his arrest.” However, Sheriff David Mackie said: “I cannot ignore the fact this is your second offence of being concerned with the supply of a Class A drug.

“As such I have come to the view that a custodial sentence cannot be avoided.

“The court must take a strict view of these matters so as to reflect the abhorrence of such crimes held by the public.

“You only need to look around the court on a day like today to see the damage done by the illicit drug trade.” Sheriff Mackie then imposed a prison term of 14 months, reduced from 18 months, to be backdated to 28 October.