MUTHILL Community chiefs have rallied round in a bid to stop speeding in their village before "something serious happens." Frustrated with speeding cars and heavy lorries thundering through their conservation village they are fighting for a 20mph limit to be installed.

Many mums have complained they do not feel they can send their children to walk to school alone because of the traffic and are urging for something to be done.

A speeding survey was undertaken in the village which recorded 46 vehicles travelling over 40mph in "very snowy and icy conditions." Community chiefs were shocked at those speeding in bad conditions and are hoping they will now be eligible for the community speed gun initiative.

They are hoping to gain supports from local MP's and MSP's and recently met with the council's Roads Safety Engineer Daryl McEown in a bid to discuss the safety of their village.

Suggestions of rumble strips, a gateway or a roundabout just after the entrance to the village from the Stirling side were raised but the rumble strip idea was shot down after nearby residents worried they could be "too noisy." The roundabout was earmarked as an idea for the future, when the Orchard will be developed, and community chiefs said a public meeting would be needed to ascertain the popularity of the gateway idea.

The community chiefs decided the idea of a 20mph limit may be worth perusing due to the unusual status of the village as a special conservation area and the layout of the road itself ie narrow with tight bends.

Community council chair Donald Hood told the Strathallan Times: "Cars come flying through our village at frightening speeds. The entrance at the Crieff side is not as bad as the bend slows cars down but the Stirling side sees dangerous driving almost everyday. Many parents have complained to us, worrying for the safety of their kids, it's only a matter of time before something serious happens." A council spokeswoman said: "The council will investigate the concerns raised by Muthill Community Council, including checks on traffic speeds through the village. We will then determine if any additional road safety measures are required and what measures would be appropriate." The community group will meet at the end of March in the village hall to discuss the speeding issues further.