THE council has pledged to continue improving schools across Strathallan over the next few years.

Following the announcement �62million will be injected into schools to improve their facilities, continued investment was discussed at the School Estate Sub-Committee last week.

Committee members considered how they can create modern environments to benefit pupils and staff in schools in the period to 2030 including looking at upgrading buildings and increasing school rolls from future housing development identified in the draft Local Development Plan.

Creating a long-term strategy for Strath schools, the Sub-Committee discussed a number of projects planned for the years 2012/13 to 2016/17 - which leads on decisions made at the council's recent budget meeting.

These projects will bring a new Crieff Primary School, expanded play areas at Dunning Primary and the relocation of Braco Nursery to Greenloaning Primary School. Each project is at varying stages of development and discussion, for example work is underway on the reinstatement of Crieff Road Pre-School Centre after extensive storm damage and further details of the projects relating to Braco and Greenloaning will be announced in due course.

The Sub-Committee were asked to agree that all the projects continue, focussing on accommodation of the new P1 intake at some schools and establishment of a group for the new Crieff Primary School to enable design work to move forward.

Councillor Liz Grant said: "The �62m investment the council has agreed to make is intended to continue the programme of improvements and upgrading to our school estate, for the benefit of pupils and staff. We must ensure that schools and other facilities we provide are of a good or better standard for their users now and in the future and it is clear from these two reports that a great deal of work is ongoing to make this happen." In his budget speech, council leader Ian Miller said: "Our ambition is to plan for and build a positive future for our communities - our priorities are firstly securing the best possible learning environments for young people.

"The Administration is able to propose a further �20million investment in the School Estate.� This brings the total investment into improving and upgrading schools to over �62million over the next few years."�