BRACO mums have raised concerns about the potentially "dangerous" state of Braco Village Hall.

Following work undertaken before Christmas by the council to prevent flooding, mums are still unsatisfied with the damp conditions of the hall.

They say flooding comes in from the windows and the back storage rooms are plagued with damp. The primary school children eat their lunch in the hall every day and mums are worried a child or dinner lady could slip and fall.

The concerned mums are backed by Braco and Greenloaning Community Council who have been fighting the damp issue for over two years. With ambitious plans to turn the hall into a multi-purpose 21st century building for the whole community, Braco and Greenloaning chiefs want to resolve the damp issue before they pour any money into revamping it.

Their aim is to make the hall more fit for purpose, then repossess it so they can refurbish it - creating new kitchens, storage space and better hall space. A community lifeline in the area, the hall is booked from Monday to Saturday with the drama group, badminton, Tai Chi, Zumba, WRI, whist drives and community council meetings.

Community chiefs are desperate to regain ownership of the hall to create an improved community space but want the damp problem solved first. Secretary Mike Boxer said: "The damp issue has been a concern for over two years. There was flooding in the boiler house but before Christmas PKC installed a new drainage system under the stage area which has worked. However the water coming in through the window frames is still a problem. We would like the roof to be insulated as the heat escapes from the building and back storage rooms are in a poor state due to the damp conditions.

"New curtains were installed recently but they have been ruined from the rainwater coming in from the windows. We would like to see a resolution to this problem so we can get on with our next plans for the hall."

A council spokeswoman said: "A range of planned repairs and improvements have been carried out at Braco Village Hall, ahead of schedule in the current financial year. Work completed includes repairs to a section of external wall, checks and cleaning of external drainage, guttering and downpipes, resealing of window joints and initial repairs to the slated area of the roof. The council has also taken forward plans for improvements to the basement and under-stage areas of, in efforts to reduce the risk of water damage in the event of future flooding.

"The council is aware of the community council's interest in Braco Village hall, has been in correspondence with them on this issue, and continues to consider the matter."