STRATHALLAN communities have joined in opposition to urge the council to reject the Cemex Planning Applications to quarry at Glendevon.

Worried it will have a "detrimental" effect on the area, Friends of the Ochils have joined Auchterarder community chiefs and residents to fight the plans.

On March 7 council planning will decide whether to approve the Cemex Planning Applications to renew their licence to quarry sand and gravel and to build a haul road at the Glenquey Moss, Glendevon. But campaigners believe this will have a "devastating" impact on the surrounding recreation area and rare wildlife.

They say it will impact visually on the scenic landscape for surrounding homes and hill walkers and the work will increase noise levels, affecting the "peaceful beautiful area." The Friends also raised concerns about the increased volumes of traffic the quarrying may bring, saying: "We are worried the impact huge HGVS rattling through the small roads will have on the area not just for locals but also for tourists." Cemex holds a licence to quarry sand and gravel at the Glenquey Moss in Glendevon. In December 2010 Cemex submitted a planning application to PKC for the renewal of their licence to quarry which was expiring in February 2011 and a separate application for the construction of a haul road. PKC has now put these applications (10/02181/FLM and 10/02182/FLL) onto the agenda of the Development Control Committee (DCC) meeting scheduled March 7.

Local resident and Friends of the Ochils and Auchterarder and District Community Council member Malcolm Best told the Strathallan Times: "We understand the Planning Officer's report to the DCC is recommending they approve these applications. This is extremely disappointing.

"These planning applications have angered local residents and the community councils in the immediate area and local community organisations submitted many objections in early 2011. "In accordance with PKC planning regulations the Planning Officer's report to the DCC was not publicly available until yesterday (Wednesday, February 29). Accordingly, at this time we are not in a position to give detailed comment.

"We continue to strongly urge PKC to reject these applications." He urged local residents to attend the meeting to show to find out more about the applications. The meeting starts at 9.30am on March 7 and will be held at the Council Chambers, 4th Floor, Council Building, 2 High Street, Perth.