DEVELOPERS of the Mull Hill windfarm have announced there will be no more than nine turbines ever built on the Abercainy Estate following concerns from Strath residents and MSP's.

Force 9 Energy and landowners Abercairny Estate released a statement last week confirming that, should the Mull Hill Wind Farm gain consent from Perth and Kinross Council, they will not build more than the proposed nine turbines.

The announcement came after a meeting held last month to discuss the planning application, organised by East Strathearn Community Council.

Over 100 people attended the meeting with many voicing their concerns about its proximity to the Beauly Denny line, visual impact on the area and future expansion of the site - something many Strathallan Times readers have worried about over the past few months.

One Crieff resident, Julie Kennedy, wrote to the Strathallan Times following the meeting saying: "This point was repeated throughout the meeting as there is a growing concern the windfarm will go beyond nine turbines. We didn't get a definite guarantee at the meeting as although we are told Mull Hill could not accommodate more than nine turbines, what about the rest of Abercainy? We are worried, there seems to be no stopping windfarms at the moment." But developers have since guaranteed there will be no extension. Bill Drummond Moray from the estate said: "We have listened carefully to feedback received, much of it supportive of our proposals, and whilst any potential expansion is not practically feasible, this does appear to be a concern locally so I am making this public undertaking." Andrew Smith, Development Manager at Force 9 Energy added: "It is important to understand that the physical and environmental constraints on the land at Mull Hill make it impossible to accommodate any more wind turbines. The reporter's decision from the previous Abercairny wind farm decision set clear precedents, which we have strenuously followed in preparing the Mull Hill application.

"To ensure that the proposal for Mull Hill is robust, Force 9 Energy has addressed important points that arose from the previous Abercairny Wind Farm decision. The Mull Hill proposal would not be seen from within the Highland landscape character area, does not step up and across different landscape areas and it is substantially screened in views from much of Strathearn by the Knock of Crieff.

"Taking these issues into account, alongside the physical constraints of the land at Mull Hill, any potential future expansion is not feasible. We welcome this undertaking by the Abercairny Estate, who are doing much more than is usually required to address this concern." To find out more about the project visit, email or phone 0800 169 5290.