OUTRAGED Auchterarder residents have joined the long-running parking row in the Lang Toon.

Following reports in the Strathallan Times highlighting Strathallan councillor Tom Gray's campaign for more spaces and former community councillor David Homewood detailing the extensive work the Lang Toon parking group have carried out and "lack of" follow-up action from the council, a number of complaints about the parking problem have come flooding into the Strathallan Times.

Among the letters from fed-up residents was a complaint from local firefighter Jimmy Hendry, who lives on the High Street.

Jimmy worried it could result in him arriving later to an emergency as he is finding it increasingly difficult to park near his home. He has been in the area for more than 20 years and finds many of his neighbours suffer from the same problem too and just want a solution now.

Jimmy said: "Parking has recently become a big problem. What doesn't help is inconsiderate road users. There is, for example, a caravan taking up two valuable car-parking space yards from the school junction and a disabled bay which is far bigger than it needs to be.

"We were recently refused permission to build a new house on land attached to our present one. One of the reasons given was lack of parking and proximity to the school junction yet only a few months later the house three doors up and closer to the school junction was given permission for a massive double-storey extension to split their house into two creating at least another two none existing car parking spaces.

"The postman tells me delivering is a nightmare. What also doesn't help is that every parent who can't be bothered walking to school takes their cars into the school, creating a nightmare for road users at 8.30am-9am and likewise at home time." He added: "I am a retained firefighter here in town and find it increasingly difficult to park anywhere near my property. This in real terms means I'm later getting to the station and this could possibly lead to the fire engine being later getting to an emergency." Suggestions have been circulating the town to take over parts of pavements to create additional parking, which the traders are also discussing as they fight to promote the Lang Toon and their businesses. But they said it had gone on too long now and urged for a solution to be found.

A council spokeswoman said: "Car-parking provision in towns throughout Perth and Kinross, including Auchterarder, is a matter that the council keeps under consideration at all times. We recognise that residents, businesses and visitors all need access to a supply of parking spaces that can meet their varying needs as effectively as possible.

"The suggestion to take over parts of pavements to create additional parking is being investigated. However, there are a number of related issues with this proposal to be considered, including the protection of cables and pipes for public utilities such as gas, electricity and telephone services that may run under the footway, and whether pedestrians would want narrower footways."