AFTER months of campaigning, Auchterarder community chiefs were delighted to learn the "dangerous" entrance to Gleneagles Station on the A9 will be improved in time for the Ryder Cup.

At last week's council budget meeting, Council Leader Ian Miller proposed to commit �1.5million and seek match funding from Transport Scotland to create a new access to Gleneagles Railway Station off the A823.

Improved park and ride facilities were also approved, with Cllr Millar saying: "These proposed improvements will not only enhance the visitor experience for the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles in 2014, but it will provide safer access to the rail network for all the communities in Strathallan and Strathearn." With thundering trucks and heavy lorries racing past, Auchterarder community chiefs had dubbed the junction and crossing "an accident waiting to happen", worrying for drivers trying to make their way safely in and out of the junction - which has no slip road and goes straight into the busy A9 traffic. They believe it currently deters visitors from using both the station or crossing the road to get to the bus stop.

As well as safety issues, Strathallan Councillor Tom Gray had raised concerns for the effect the "dangerous access" would have upon the local economy and tourism especially as the Ryder Cup gets closer.

In the budget meeting Cllr Millar announced: "Members will be aware that the Ryder Cup is being held at Gleneagles in September 2014. Some 60,000 people are expected to attend each day of this event which will attract a global audience of 620 million. The proposed road improvement scheme to Gleneagles Station will be an important legacy for the local communities of Strathearn." Cllr Tom Gray, who has been campaigning with Auchterarder Community Council for improved infrastructure arrangements for the junction on the A9, was delighted with the news. He told the Strathallan Times: "The budget approved by Perth and Kinross Council last week brings great news to Strathallan and Strathearn. I know many throughout Strathallan and Strathearn have for many years felt that Gleneagles Station was an inaccessable sleeping giant in our transport infrastructure.

"It has been a long hard struggle, but now at last we can be sure that a safe new access is well and truly on the cards with plans in hand to improve rail timetables and park and ride city bus links from this location."