WATER flooding a junction in Braco for the past two years has left residents fed up with the problem.

Surface water overflows from the road gully at the A822/C479 which meets traffic from the A9 slip road. This has concerned community chiefs who are urging it is fixed "before something serious happens".

The community said they have complained to the local authority, especially in the winter months when they say the problem is at its most "dangerous," but feel they are getting nowhere.

The water overflows onto the other side of the road causing motorists to swerve to miss it which they feel could be "fatal," especially as motorists need to be wary of speeding traffic coming from the A9.

Braco and Greenloading Community Council secretary Mike Boxer said they have been fighting the problem for months and appealed to the council before the winter months settled in to take better care of their roads.

This was reported in the Strathallan Times following their November meeting when they asked for the roads to be swept and gullies to be unblocked before more winter debris gathered and roads turned to "ice rinks." But the Braco and Greenloaning communities have slammed the council's handling of the roads over the past two winters.

Mike said: "The puddle has been there for some time - worse in winter months. Traffic coming off the A9 travelling southwards comes along this piece of road (C479) before turning right for Braco and Crieff. "The corner is not well lit and the motorist has to be wary of speeding traffic coming from the left ie. traffic coming north from the A9 slip road heading towards Braco. Cars would have to be on the wrong side of the road at the junction to avoid the puddle."

He added: "Whilst the council state the roads are swept in accordance with their programme the residents at Greenloaning would contest this statement due to the volume of debris to be seen along the kerb lines."

A council spokeswoman said: "The council is aware of the issue with the road gully at the A822/C479 junction. The gully has been checked and cleaned on a number of occasions, however in the event of heavy rain, problems can arise with water backing up in the gully. We intend in the near future to carry out works which should resolve this issue."