PLANS for a path through the White Church graveyard dubbed 'disrespectful to the dead' have been changed, to the delight of many Comrie residents.

At Comrie Community Council's January meeting it was confirmed no gravestones would be removed for the planned pathway and steps from the White Church to the Boulevard. Community chiefs said a route has been identified that meant no gravestones would need to be moved.

At their previous meeting, a drawing of a path and steps down to the riverbank was revealed but after considering it with the community centre, the church and community at large many said they were "horrified" by the idea.

The proposal was put to the community council by the community centre who said they wanted a single gate in the wall to the riverbank but were not intending on plans for a path.

Although relieved no stones will be moved, villagers worried for any interference with the graveyard.

Long-time Comrie resident Betty Gibson, 76, told the Strathallan Times: "We were delighted to hear no stones will be removed as the plans revealed before Christmas were not showing any respect for the dead. There were many gravestones in the graveyard at one time and sadly they have been knocked down by vandals or in time have fallen down. Many families would be very upset to see anything changed or moved so many in the village are still wary of any proposals for the consecrated ground.

"We still hope the ground will remain unchanged." Community councillors circulated the idea around the village before coming to the conclusion no stones would be removed. They said a platform would be formed at the Boulevard, which could be used for events other than weddings and the whole would be in keeping with the present wall, constructed of stone.

In January's meeting they agreed this project should now revert to the White Church Committee and no further action would be taken by the community council.