PARENTS across Strathallan have slammed the council's handling of school closures on Thursday (December 8) following the freak weather conditions.

Furious parents said they waited hours to hear a decision on whether schools would close or not from "disorganised PKC".

Many were disappointed to learn other local authorities had informed parents the night before or through texts sent between 3am-5am but had not heard from PKC until 10.36am.

Parents said they had to go to work not knowing whether the school would close, giving them no time to organise child care or transport.

Many made the decision to keep their children off school as they had not heard anything or were told to keep checking the website for changes.

PKC said the national announcement on school closures was made overnight before council officers could meet and take an informed decision.

They said the guidance from the Scottish Government to councils also related to the afternoons only and not the whole day, so "it was sensible to take a decision on Thursday morning when the latest information was available." But angry parents said this was "ridiculous" and a repeat of last year's "poor organisation" when the snow caused chaos throughout the area.

Many parents said they turned to a facebook page which provides weather forecasts for the Strathallan area. They said 'Windy Wilson Weather and Road Reports' was providing more up-to-date information that the council on Thursday.

One Crieff parent said: "I have never been more angry as I sat refreshing the council page from 6am until after 10am. It was a complete shambles, parents need to know before the school starts whether to send their kids or not." Another added: "It was a complete joke. The council were extremely disorganised about the whole thing - I read about new recycling services on their twitter page before I knew what was going on with the schools. Too late and not enough notice. The Fife council had made the decision the night before." A councils spokeswoman said: "We strive to keep all of our schools open unless it's absolutely necessary to close them.

"Parents were informed of closures by 10.30am. Schools were told, and text messages were sent out to parents. Information was posted on the council's website and Twitter feed, and a press release was issued to the local media.

"We apologise for any disruption these closures may have caused. However, the safety of our pupils is our utmost concern. We have well-established procedures in place to take decisions on severe-weather closures and inform customers as early as possible."