THE new chairman of Crieff Community Council looked forward to a successful year ahead at the group's meeting on Monday night.

Crieff Hydro boss Stephen Leckie this week explained his ideas for the future of the group, after having chaired his second meeting, and highlighted the importance of being proactive.

His first aim is to get as many voices on the council as possible - seeing it reach full numbers. This began with the co-opting of two members on Monday - Alastair Gourlay and Lynne Anderson - but Stephen hopes to reach the full 13 members at their next meeting in January.

This, he said, will be a critical meeting to determine the year plan of what needs done to better the future of Crieff and who will be doing what.

He wants a full team to put their heads together and ensure the town has its say on important issues affecting the community.

On Monday the group hosted a talk from a neighbourhood watch spokesperson who will work with the community council to find out how many watch groups they have in the town and where they can introduce them.

This is one of Stephen's main aims - wanting to see as many of the community groups working together with the community council. With 34 local community groups in the area - he wants to ensure the community council help and support them as much as possible.

Another goal is to bring the aims of the organisation online with a Crieff Community Council facebook page. He wants to ensure they reach all audiences and can bring an active community forum to the town's web users. Stephen also wants to work with neighbouring community councils such as Comrie and East Strathearn to better the future of the area.

Stephen told the Strathallan Times: "It's about chasing up old, ongoing issues such as blocked drains but also what can we do to bring new and fresh ideas to the table? What can we do to better the future of Crieff?

"In my new role I hope to continue the great work of the previous council but also engage a number of community members in our projects.

"I live in Crieff and work in Crieff and want to contribute to the town and encourage others to do the same. Come along and make a difference - for a better Crieff." The next meeting of Crieff Community Council will be held on Monday, January 9 at 7.30pm at the Strathearn Community Campus.