COMRIE Community chiefs have pledged to do all they can to save the Melville Monument from "terminal dilapidation." They have sent out another plea to the community to get involved - earmarking the project as one of their top priorities for the new year.

The gropup have explored a number of options to save it and are hoping to involve more community members in their discussions to find a solution.

To encourage interest, the community council invited locals to walk around the monument last month where they inspected the site, its surroundings and took photos.

The walk kick-started discussions on what can be done, helping the community council emphasise the importance of their message and getting something done before its too late.

At their last community council meeting they highlighted the significance of monument to the area of Comrie and therefore its need for renovation.

Councillors named it one of Comrie's most valuable, treasured and important assets. They urged community members to support their project, hoping to get as many ideas as possible to help save it.

While opinions are being brought together and more interest gathers, investigations into the ownership of the monument are ongoing. Chair Andrew Finlayson and community council member Gill Brock have taken responsibility for this and are continuing to look into it.

Next year sees the 200th anniversary of the Melville Monument so the community council hope to have their project underway to secure its existence for a further 200 years.

The monument stands over Comrie at the mouth of the glen. Built on the peak of Dunmore in 1811 it commemorates the first Lord Melville, Henry Dundas, who was the Chief Minister in Scotland under William Pitt the Younger - regarded as the 'uncrowned King of Scotland.' The obelisk is 72 feet in height and when it was struck by lightning in 1894, the steeplejack who repaired it reported that from its top he could see Castle Rock in Edinburgh.

To find out more about the project or show support go along the community council meeting tonight (Thursday) at 7.30pm in the White Church.