AFTER years of hard work to refurbish the Aytoun Hall, the Auchterarder Leisure and Recreation Association (ALRA) has been left "disappointed" by damage done to furniture and decor from recent parties.

The most recent damage - lipstick smeared across the walls, stairs and toilets, candles burned into a new table, spilt drinks on the new floor and broken glass both indoors and on the front steps - has left the ALRA wondering whether private parties will be banned from future use of the hall.

Severely let down by a number of "inconsiderate users" they will be reviewing hire charges, deposits and stewarding policy. Installing CCTV around the outside of the building is seriously being considered.

At last week's community council meeting, Auchterarder community chiefs were shocked to learn of the "unacceptable" behaviour especially after the ALRA put in "so much time and effort" to make the hall enjoyable for the whole community. A number of questions were asked about how to deal with such incidents and it was revealed that another group had been banned due to damage done to the premises.

New community council member Martha Marnoch - also part of the ALRA Management Committee - reported that the kitchens have also been left in very poor states with many of the surfaces greasy and dirty after recent events.

The community council discussed the likelihood of banning the use of candles in future and bringing in the requirement of a "considerable deposit" before agreeing bookings for certain types of events. But the ALRA will be looking at arrangements for private hire together with Live Active Leisure (LAL) and the council to ensure they can prevent further incidents.

Convener of the ALRA, David Homewood, said: "It is disappointing to the ALRA Management Committee, as well as the council, that after all the hard work in getting the Aytoun Hall refurbished there are sections of the community that have shown no respect for the building. This minority spoil it for the majority. The ALRA has given the cost of a new table to Live Active Leisure, who will be billing the hirer for damage done." A council spokeswoman added: "The Aytoun Hall is available for community use and for a wide range of events including private parties. The Hall is managed on the council's behalf by LAL who have operational management responsibility for the facility. We will liaise with them to address any issues arising in this instance and agree any further action that may be required."