AFTER years of campaigning for a pedestrian crossing in Comrie, community chiefs are making another bid in an attempt to make the village safer.

Their latest idea is to have the crossing opposite Bumblebee Square on Drummond Street - should the square be secured for the village.

A number of residents have come to the community council appealing for the crossing, particularly the elderly of the village, and the councilors believe this is the ideal spot.

Previously, in 2007, the community council looked into the possibilities of a pedestrian crossing near the junction of Dalginross Bridge.

But at that time, investigations by 'The Safer Routes to School' initiative concluded providing traffic lights of any kind near the crossroads would not be possible for a number of reasons.

This included the proximity of bus stop and junction, conjestion fears, and the visual impacts on the historic town.

A crossing to any other part of the main street was also dismissed as being "extremely detrimental" to overall parking levels in the village.

However if Bumblebee Square can be secured for the village - the lease runs out in March - an additional 15 car parking spaces will be available to village.

Chairman Andrew Finlayson told the Strathallan Times: "A crossing for the village would be invaluable - particularly for the elderly who have been lobbying for a long time - and the school kids who have to make their way across a busy road with four junctions.

"I have created a drawing for the proposals, and will submit this for comment. But this hinges on the future of the square as I, like any other resident, realize the importance of keeping our parking spaces.

"This idea would only take away one and half spaces from the town. It would be worthwhile as a crossing would act as a safety net on a busy road." Plans for the crossing near the pedestrian entrance to the garden area will be circulated around the village for discussion.

The council said: "The council has not received any requests from Comrie Community Council regarding the possibility of a pedestrian crossing in this location.

"While we would be happy to discuss with the Community Council any proposal they may have, this would ultimately be a matter for Scotland Transerv, as Drummond Street forms part of the A85 trunk road, which they are responsible for." A spokesman for Transerv Scotland said: "If there is a saftey concern in the community they can apply to Transport Scotland and we will take the necessary steps forward."