AMBITIOUS plans for a multi-million pound redevelopment of Morrison's Academy were unveiled last week.

New sporting, performing arts and academic buildings are part of the 25-year vision the school claims will "transform and strengthen the independent school, ensuring it will not only continue to deliver high quality education but evolve to meet the demands of new generations of pupils." As part of the planned redevelopment, all the sports facilities currently housed on the main campus will move to the school's large 45-acre site at Dallerie. And a range of brand new buildings including a modern purpose-built nursery, primary school, academic resource and sixth-form centre and performing arts and refectory block will be constructed on the empty space around the school.

The original stone buildings which currently lie at the heart of the main campus will be refurbished but remain substantially unchanged, however most of the 1960s building stock will be demolished.

Aumnus and Chairman of the Board of Governors, David Glen, unveiled the plans last week, saying: "This is a bold plan and we believe it is essential if we are to remain relevant in a highly competitive educational environment. Our core focus is on creating state-of-the-art academic and sporting facilities for our pupils that will enable the school to look forward, with confidence, to the next 150 years. We hope many of our benefactors and alumni will support us throughout this ambitious programme." Simon Pengelley, in his eighth year as Rector, said he is convinced of the need to redevelop the facilities andmake better use of the school's huge asset of space. However, highlighted this is not the only strand to the school's 25 year vision,, saying: "Key to this vision is the development of a substantial endowment to fund the bursary scheme. This will allow Morrison's to offer more by way of financial assistance to those who would like to take up the opportunity of a Morrison's education." For more information contact Simon Pengelley, Rector and Principal on 01764 653885 or