AUCHTERARDER community chiefs have pledged to fight for permanent speed reducing signs on the 'dangerous' A9 in time for the Ryder Cup.

Backed by local councillor Tom Gray, the community group are fighting for a speed reduction just before the Gleneagles Station junction and past the Auchterarder turn off.

With thundering trucks and heavy lorries racing past they said have dubbed the junction and crossing "an accident waiting to happen" and are calling for a permanent solution.

Talks of a temporary footbridge or temporary signs for the Ryder Cup in 2014 have circulated the town but local councillors and community chiefs say it would be safer to have a more permanent infrastructure.

They worry for drivers trying to make their way safely in and out of the junction which has no slip road and goes straight into the busy A9 traffic. And believe it will deter visitors from using both the station or crossing the road to get to the bus stop.

As well as safety concerns, Cllr Gray worried for the effect the 'dangerous access' would have upon the local economy and tourism especially as the Ryder Cup gets closer.

As a lifelong resident of Strathallan he has fond memories of active stations in the area and is welcoming the Tayplan Proposed Strategic Development Plan and Action Programme,�which is offering the first opportunity in fifty years to repair some of the transport problems caused by rail closures around 1960. He highlighted this will be a chance to "restore good order to passenger rail access and facilities for communities in Strathallan." He told the Strathallan Times: "The Gleneagles�Station�junction on the A9 is simply not fit for purpose and, I believe, currently deters rather than encourages use of the station.��Temporary speed restrictions or permanent infrastructure arrangements�cannot come soon enough.

"Stathallan towns and villages have all multiplied in scale since the closure of many stations with great numbers of the population now commuting to�central belt connurbations and beyond.� The A9 is the current essential arterial route with its dangerous accesses and destination congestion posing a constant concern for road travellers.

"Furthermore, offering an efficient service and much needed safe access to Gleneagles Station for visitors to the forthcoming Ryder Cup will place Strathallan, Strathearn and beyond firmly on the global destination map.

"This is�an opportunity our economies simply cannot afford to miss." A Transport Scotland spokeswoman said: "We assess the safety performance of the trunk road network on an annual basis and while we have no immediate plans to make changes at this junction, we will continue to monitor the situation and welcome feedback from concerned individuals or groups in the local area."