MANHOLE covers dotted along a main road to Braco have gone missing leaving dangerous gaping holes Councillor Murray Lyle has dubbed as "potentially fatal." A well known face in the area, Cllr Lyle has been warning local people to be careful as they make their way along the B8033 road since three road gully covers were reported missing on Monday (October 10).

A number of shocked residents got in contact with Braco Community Council secretary Mike Boxer who reported the holes at the side of the carriageway immediately to the police.

The council was on hand the following day to place cones by the holes and warn drivers.

They are hoping to replace the covers within the next 10 days but residents are worried something serious may happen especially as the darker nights draw in.

The busy road is used by locals, cyclists, cars and tractors who say they have been swerving through the narrow road to avoid the holes.

Shocked resident Nan McColl said she was worried for the locals who often walk the road after a close encounter earlier this week. The 78-year-old told the Strathallan Times: "I very nearly fell in. I was walking along and chatting to one of my neighbours when I got the fright of my life. Maybe if I had not been talking I would have noticed earlier but anyone not paying attention could seriously hurt themselves.

"I would have broken my leg, I'm so lucky I noticed it on time." Angered by the incident, Councillor Murray Lyle said: "I just can't believe someone would commit such a mindless and dangerous act. A number of residents are very distressed as it has caused a real danger to anyone using the road. Any cyclists or pedestrians could be seriously hurt, even resulting in a fatality. I completely despair at this mindless act." A council spokeswoman said: "The council received a report of three road gully covers missing on the B8033 Braco road on Monday, October 10. These cover the gullies at the side of the carriageway.

"We made arrangements on Tuesday, October 11 to make the gullies safe and warn motorists. We hope to replace the gully covers within the next 10 days."