CRIEFF residents have hailed plans from Crieff Hydro to build a 200 lodge settlement and 100-bed care home between Crieff and Gilmerton.

Many have said they welcome the new jobs it will bring to the area and resulting affects it will have on tourism.

Only in its early stages, the hotel have submitted a planning application to Perth and Kinross Council but hope to also build a leisure and shopping facility with an associated café and farm shop. This would include a swimming pool and gym.

Crieff Hydro plan to hold a public consultation on the process in November but hope anyone keen to be included with future communications of the plan to contact them.

Crieff Community Council chair Angus Macdonald told the Strathallan Times: "Personally I think it is a great idea for the area. It will bring employment opportunities and will benefits to the community of Crieff. If there are any problems or issues to iron out I'm sure this will be sorted in the planning process, I think Crieff Hydro is a great establishment that will see to this.

"For example the increased traffic this type of development will bring will need to be looked at but otherwise I think this is a good investment for the area.

"We are lucky we have a hotel that will look after the area's tourism like this and think about developing it in the future." A spokesperson for Crieff Hydro said: "In August Crieff Hydro submitted a proposal of application notice to the council for a major development at a site located north of the A85 and west of the village of Gilmerton. This outlined a possible development of 200 lodges, a 100-bed care home/assisted living, leisure (including swimming pool and gymnasium) and ancillary retail, café and farm shop. The proposal was submitted simultaneously to Crieff Community Council and East Strathearn Community Council.

"Initial proposals remain under development. Prior to any actual planning application, the  process dictates that we undertake a public consultation on any plans by mid November. The purpose of public consultations is to encourage communications and open relationships between developers and communities - making the planning process more open and inclusive - something that Crieff Hydro are fully committed to.

"When the details and date of any consultation are finalised this will be publicised to ensure that as many people as possible can be involved.

"In the interim any member of the public can register to ensure they are personally included in any future communications by sending an email to"