CONCERNS over plans for the Mull Hill windfarm have been raised by Auchterarder and Muthill residents this week.

Last week the Strathallan Times reported developers Force 9 Energy plan to create a nine turbine windfarm at Mull Hill, just east of Crieff, but since residents have hit out against the plans.

They are worried about the visual impact the turbines will have on the surrounding areas and many are concerned with the cumulative impact with the Beauly to Denny power line.

Householders in villages and towns around the site of the application have been receiving information newsletters produced by developers through their doors but many have criticised the 'confusion' of the plans and their intentions.

At last week's Auchterarder community council meeting, councillors discussed the application and concluded the wind farm 'will be highly visible from Auchterarder.' Speaking to a number of fed up residents in the High Street it seems they have adopted a 'here we go again' attitude and worry for the future of the area as 'wind farms seem to be popping up all over the place.' One Auchterarder resident, Grace Rankin (43) told the Strathallan Times: "This seems to be all we are hearing, soon all our views will be ruined by windfarms. There's no stopping them at the moment. The newsletter for the latest plans is not clear enough as I feel more communities will be affected than is made out - a lot of Strathallan towns and businesses will suffer as this could affect tourism. Tourists come to see our unspoiled views and natural scenery." Muthill residents complained the views to Crieff would be 'spoilt' by the plans. They also worried about the affects it will have on the village's bloom efforts next year. Many of the residents claimed the judging may be affected if turbines could be seen in the distance.

Muthill community council chair Donald Hood said: "I personally believe the Mull Hill wind farm will have too much of a detrimental effect on the area especially its proximity to the Beauly Denny line. Force Nine Energy say no carbon dioxide or other pollutants will be emitted during its operation but how much is created in manufacture and in the construction phase?

" Although much needed money would be placed in a fund to be used in the area,would this outweigh the harm done to the area's tourism industry. Everyone should have a clearer picture of what this project entails when they attend the up and coming public and exhibition." Residents and community councillors are urging as many people as possible to a public exhibition being held by the developers at the Strathearn Community Campus on Thursday, October 13, between 2pm and 8pm to voice any opinions or concerns they have.