DEVELOPERS of the Burnfoot windfarm have announced they hope to add an additional 18 turbines to the site.

The 102m high to tip turbines will be spread across the Perth and Kinross Council area and Clackmannshire. In total, plans for nine of the additional turbines will fall in the Perth and Kinross area. Two of the additional turbines, if plans are approved, would be added on to the existing cluster - at the Burnfoot Hill Extension Windfarm at 4MW. The other seven in the PKC area would be located at nearby Frandy Hill Wind Farm at 14MW.

The final nine at 18MW are planned for an area known as Rhodders in Clackmannanshire.

In April of this year, developers Wind Prospect announced potential plans to develop up to 22 additional turbines adjacent to the existing Burnfoot Hill Wind Farm in the Ochils. Currently 13 make up the windfarm. And last month they unveiled their proposals. Sarah Dooley, senior development manager at Wind Prospect, said: "I am pleased to announce that we have now firmed up our plans following extensive consultation with statutory and non-statutory consultees, as well as local groups, organisations, community councils and members of the public.

"We now intend to press ahead with the submission of three planning applications, for a maximum of 18 102m to tip turbines." She continued: "It is our intention, all being well, to submit these planning applications within the next six to eight weeks.

"Once Wind Prospect has done so we intend to widely publicise the fact through the local press and by the distribution of a newsletter to 5,700 residential properties within 6km of the proposals notifying them of the submissions and inviting them to view copies of our environmental statements submitted along with the planning applications."